New Year Resolutions

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     By now, according to the “experts”, you have already given up on your New Year Resolutions, (if you even made any). Again. Oh well!. There will be some of us who are really determined and are trying to “will” our way through, but how long can you keep that up?

     What’s going on here? Our terminology for it is a “growth period”, but it requires more explanation. When you begin to create something, one of the first things you check is to see if it is safe for you. As your creative energy begins to flow, any reason why it may not be safe comes to the surface – really to be released. These reasons may be left over from childhood, past lives, things you’ve taken on from people around you.
     Your creative energy flowing clears out the old limits, (negative thoughts, invalidation, hopelessness, fear, frustration, etc.). The problem is there may still be charge on the old limits; these limits may be very familiar to you and seem like it’s happening all over again. And you give up – or try to will your way through the charge.
     The easy way? Use the tools you learn in Meditation and Healing classes to recognize “Present Time”, release the charge, validate how you’re releasing some “really good stuff”, and be amused at how much more you accomplish.

March 2011


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New Year, New You If Not Now, Then When?

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