If Not Now, Then When?

May 4, 2011 at 8:42 am Leave a comment

Have you ever said to yourself
something like, “when this is over, then
I’ll be able to relax”, or “when I have more
money, then I’ll be happy”, or something
similar? When we do this, we do two
things: we put a condition on how we
choose to experience life and we put the
experience somewhere out in the future.

 We put stuff out in the future because
we don’t believe it is possible for us right
now. The energy space that happiness
would occupy is filled with “gunk”.
(That’s a technical term.) We hope that if
we accomplish something, somehow the
“gunk” will be gone, and we’ll be able to
fill it with our happiness.

It actually works the other way. If we
create our happiness right now, then there
is no room for the “gunk”. When we put
our happiness out in the future, we carry
the “gunk” with us. Even if you
accomplish your goal, you haven’t created
the happiness.

Putting a condition on your happiness,
validation, or anything else is not
necessary. You can feel good about
yourself  just because!

You are “setting the energy” for how you’d like to experience
life. Decide to create and have your
happiness right now. Plant the seed. It will
grow and the gunk will go. Give us a call
if you’d like some help. If not now, then

May 2011


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