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We’ve just about completed our special
class series on “Havingness” and it has
been an amazing process for those taking
part in the class. Havingness is a concept
(and an energy vibration) we begin
teaching in the Meditation 1 class.
One aspect of havingness is to simply
allow yourself to experience what is going
on with you. You let it be OK that you’re
angry or frustrated or happy or what ever it
is, (especially a “negative” experience).
When you can allow yourself to
experience it, you begin to release the
resistance that makes it stick to you.
Your next step in your growth occurs
most easily when your energy can flow.
Resisting, or not allowing, mucks up the
process. Those in the class are
experiencing how remarkably easy it is to
create change once the energy is flowing
If there are areas in your life that you’d
like to change, the first step may be just to
allow yourself to be where you’re at. Let it
be OK. Let it be OK that you’re unhappy
with the situation, if that’s the case.
If you’d like to make creating those
changes easier on yourself, we have some
fantastic tools that help get things moving
more efficiently. Come on in and check it
out. Get a healing or a reading. Sit in on
the first week of class. If it turns out not to
be what you’re looking for, I’m OK with


May 2012


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