What’s Your Next Step?

November 1, 2012 at 11:25 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever built anything from a
kit? How about made something from a
recipe? Or even more universal, someone
has given you directions on how to get
somewhere? You’ll recognize to
accomplish any of those things, you take
steps. If you skip any of the steps, your
results will probably not be what you
hoped to achieve.
Once you’ve begun your project, there
is always the question, “What is my next
step?” The answer depends on where
you’re at right now. Have you already
added the butter? Did you already make
the right turn on Main St.? Your next step
begins from where you are at this moment.
What’s your next step in your growth?
It begins from where you’re at, right now.
Unfortunately, where you’re at may not be
much fun. You want to go out and play
with the big kids. You’d like to skip the
steps and have the results.
In our training programs, we start out
by creating a foundation. Basic stuff, but it
supports your next steps. You are unique.
You have your own vibration, you have
your own information, and you have your
own path. The first step is to begin to
recognize the difference between you,
(your own energy) and everyone else,
(energy that is not you), and to separate.
Everything else flows and unfolds from

November 2012


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