Healing Clinic

Heal the Spirit, the Spirit Heals the Body. A healing helps you release negative energies, collect up your own energy, and get it flowing, so you can be more effective in healing yourself. These healings focus on your aura and chakras. This is the type of healing you learn how to do in Healing 1 class. (There is no physical touching in this healing.)

Costa Mesa: Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. No appointment is necessary. These spiritual healings are free.

Santa Monica: Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. These spiritual healings are free.

Hands on Healings

These healings address your communication with your physical and spiritual (astral) body. You rest on a massage table and the healer physically touches your body. This helps you release stuck energy that you may experience as pain in your body. These healings take 30 minutes. Hands on Healing is a graduate program. These healers have have been practicing “Spirit to Spirit” communication for over two years.

Trance Medium Healings

These healings are another approach to giving you a boost in healing yourself. The energy in these healings is set much higher than in the Healing Clinic or Hands on Healings. These healings are very fast, because the energy is so high. These healers are graduates of our Teacher’s Program and have been practicing their spiritual gifts for over four years.

Healing Extravaganza

Give yourself a boost! This is a series of four different types of healings to move you on your path. Give yourself a weekend to heal yourself and focus on your goals.

Healing Packages

Create your own healing miracle! Set your healing goal and receive a series or readings and healings to boost and validate your progress. A Healing Package includes your initial counseling to set your goal, Professional Reading and Healing, Hands-On Healings and a Clairvoyant Reading.

Call (714) 434-9550 or (310) 587-3536 for an appointment or for more information.
Visit our web site at:

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