New Year Resolutions

     By now, according to the “experts”, you have already given up on your New Year Resolutions, (if you even made any). Again. Oh well!. There will be some of us who are really determined and are trying to “will” our way through, but how long can you keep that up?

     What’s going on here? Our terminology for it is a “growth period”, but it requires more explanation. When you begin to create something, one of the first things you check is to see if it is safe for you. As your creative energy begins to flow, any reason why it may not be safe comes to the surface – really to be released. These reasons may be left over from childhood, past lives, things you’ve taken on from people around you.
     Your creative energy flowing clears out the old limits, (negative thoughts, invalidation, hopelessness, fear, frustration, etc.). The problem is there may still be charge on the old limits; these limits may be very familiar to you and seem like it’s happening all over again. And you give up – or try to will your way through the charge.
     The easy way? Use the tools you learn in Meditation and Healing classes to recognize “Present Time”, release the charge, validate how you’re releasing some “really good stuff”, and be amused at how much more you accomplish.

March 2011


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New Year, New You

As we start the new year of 2011, we
have the concept of starting anew whether
it is physical, mental or spiritual. We look
for new classes to take, a new look
physically, new surroundings, new, new,
new. Then as often as not, we start and it
fizzles out during the first part of the new

We offer our classes as a way to change
and keep the changes by utilizing the tools
and techniques we teach. As you learn
these easy and amazingly effective
techniques, you have them in your
repertoire to use whenever and wherever
you want or need to use them.

As an example, many people have been
so distracted or even invalidated for their
goals that they refuse to even make a goal.

One of our Meditation students had a
goal, but was continually distracted by
thoughts, by people, by the news reports
and was not getting any closer to her goal.
By using the techniques she learned in
class, she was able to move forward with
her goal and get the job she wanted, even
in this job market!

You can do this with any goal, whether
it is physical, mental or spiritual and move
toward the goal, releasing the distractions
along the way.

Would you like to energize your goals?
Check out the first week of the Meditation
1 class and we can help you get started!

December 2010

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You know about seniority – someone
has been on the job longer than you; when
you’re growing up, your parents have the
final word. You get trained to look outside
of yourself for permission or approval. If
you moved forward without permission, it
was likely you’d be yelled at or punished
in some way.

You become an adult, and expect that it
should be different now. And in some
ways, it probably is. However, how much
of a residual of giving up your seniority do
you carry? And how do you get your
seniority back?

Off the top of your head, how much do
you look outside of yourself (0 to 100%)
for permission when you go to create
money? a relationship? your career? You
do this because you are sensitive to the
energy you took on in the past. You really
try to avoid triggering that old pain –
maybe you find reasons not to move
forward (procrastinate) or take an indirect
route (I need more education or time to

Getting your seniority back is as simple
as releasing the old energy that gets
triggered when you move forward – not
over-riding or protecting the old pain. You
want to release it, so you can regain that
part of your creativity. Some energy tools
would be helpful, so you can do it for
yourself. You get that in our classes. At
least come in and get a reading or healing
to help get back on track.

November 2010

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Experience the advantage of having energy (psychic) tools.

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The Recession

The Recession. Those are very serious words these days. It is the gnashing of teeth, the worry, the hopelessness of it all. It doesn’t feel like much of a fun game to play. It is interesting that everyone is trying to fix it, to heal it, and to explain it away, but it still remains. Could it be that it is trying to be solved in the same serious energy as the recession is itself. And more important, are you playing this recession game?

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Newsletter Updates

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