Help! I’m Stuck!

October 28, 2011 at 1:10 pm Leave a comment

Is there some area of your life that is not working? Our description of this is that you’re stuck. Being stuck is a symptom that your energy is not flowing. This can affect your health, wealth, communication, career – any and everything! The tools we teach in our classes allow you a very efficient way of getting back on track – your energy is flowing again.

J’s child just started a new school year. Another mother at the school was totally antagonistic towards J. J used the tools she learned from Meditation class to release her karma with the other mother. (Karma is a form of stuck energy.) Since then, J’s communication with the other mother smoothed out. The antagonism was gone. Good job J!

S was in a situation where she felt she was not being appreciated. During her class at the institute, the teacher led the class through an exercise that allowed them to release the energy charge that was limiting their ability to be appreciated. The following day S got a call and was hired for a job that was exactly what she wanted. Good job S!

How does this happen? When you’re stuck, there is little to no energy flow. Our tools allow you to release the blocks, and restore your own energy flow. This allows the magic of your creativity to work.

You may not consider yourself psychic, so what’s the point in psychic training? To recognize when you get stuck and to get back on track today. You may not have any interest in being able to read an aura, but I suspect you might like to be happy with yourself, have great relationships, and create an amazing life.

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