Experience and Express

September 1, 2012 at 11:24 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered what it would
be like to fully experience and express
your creativity? As a clairvoyant reader, I
often see a person has set their creativity
aside – has that happened to you? Perhaps
your creativity got you into trouble in the
past (you upset someone with what you
did); or it was different from everyone else
you know, so you try to “fit in” and create
like your friends; or perhaps you were
wanting validation from a “grown-up”, and
took on their creative vibration.
Sometimes, if you grow up in a very
strict or restrictive environment, or you
just don’t feel safe, you move your
creative energy out of your body and aura
and it winds up in a kind of “dream”
world. You get out of your body and sit in
it to experience it, but you never really get
to experience it in the body.
For those of you who’ve taken a
Meditation or Healing class with us, we’re
having a class to boost your creativity to
your next levels: Separate from the
invalidation, jealousy and competition and
validate and own your uniqueness,
abilities, and energy.
Take the step from “it happens to me”
to “it happens because of me”. It’s an
amazing journey and can be fun. That’s up
to you. Experience one of our mottos for
yourself: “The Journey is the Destination”.
Get on your path and have a sweet ride.

September 2012


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